A True Criminal Defense Customized To Your Unique Situation

At Jocuns Law Firm, I don’t just walk clients through a plea process. I litigate each case, which may include filing motions, going to trial and pursuing appeals. My mindset is to provide a real defense based on the details of your case and the potential impact on your life.

In the courtroom or in negotiations, I am fighting for you.

No Matter What The Charges

No Matter What The Charges

I Try To Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

Getting arrested and prosecuted is a scary, stressful ordeal. My firm does not take a case unless I can put myself in the shoes of the accused. I give every client the same honest advice and earnest effort that I would give to my own family members.

My team and I consider the person behind the charges – how this could affect your freedom, your livelihood, your standing in the community – and tailor our approach to your unique circumstances. Prior convictions or addiction issues, for example, may require different strategies than a person who has never been “in the system” before.

Strong Advocacy For The Injured Too

Attorney Bernard Jocuns

A True Trial Lawyer On Your Side

Few defense attorneys can say they have published decisions in cases before the Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals. I am a graduate of the renowned Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and, in turn, I have taught courses on trial advocacy to other attorneys. My comfort level in the courtroom should be a comfort to you.

Exercise Your Right To An Attorney


Reviews From Clients

My team believes every client is entitled to the presumption of innocence and the rights of the accused.