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I am ready and willing to help you get the process started… Contact me at: (810) 245-8900

Michigan Child Protective Services

Bernard Jocuns is a Michigan Child Protective Services Defense Attorney based in Lapeer, Michigan who fights aggressively on your behalf. He understands that your first concern is always your child. Unfortunately, simple miscommunications and misunderstandings can turn into something much more substantial that may forever interfere with the relationship you have with your children. Mr. Jocuns has a passion for protecting families from false child abuse or neglect allegations, and the trauma caused by overbearing government intrusion.

  • As a dedicated Lapeer Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Jocuns provides aggressive, attentive, and personal service to families that have been targeted by the Michigan Child Protective Services (CPS) agency.

I am ready and willing to help you get the process started… Contact me at: (810) 245-8900

How Bernard works

Bernard, a Lapeer Criminal Defense Lawyer believes that people always come first! With that mantra in mind Bernard does not work for Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, Insurance Companies or other attorneys. “This is a grassroots practice that provides zealous representation in a non-pretentious manner”. Bernard’s comfort level is in the Courtroom and firmly believes that even a case with a bad set of facts can prevail in a positive manner.

Best Case Strategy

The court system can be very complex and overwhelming to maneuver, but Lapeer general crimes defense lawyer, Bernard A. Jocuns will help you build the strategy your defense needs while guiding you through the process in an intuitive manner.

Research & Investigation

If you are being investigated for or have been arrested, it’s critical to get the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer with the expertise you will need to get the best possible outcome.

Court of Law Success

Being arrested can be a very confusing and upsetting experience but you have Constitutional rights to a lawyer and a fair trial. You also have the right to have an attorney before you tell the police or District Attorney anything about the charges against you and the State must prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

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