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What happens when you win an appeal for a criminal conviction?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Criminal Appeals

When a person wins an appeal for a criminal conviction, it marks a significant turning point in their legal journey.

The process is intricate, but the result can have a profound impact on their life and future.

Reversal of verdict

In 2022, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed 67%, reversed 22%, granted partial relief to 10% and dismissed 1% of its criminal cases. The best outcome of a successful appeal is the reversal of the original verdict. This means that the higher court has carefully reviewed the case and found errors or legal issues that warrant a different decision. The court rules that the individuals are innocent of the charges brought against them.

Release from custody

Upon winning an appeal, the appeals court releases individuals serving a sentence from custody. This release is an important moment, as it signifies that the legal system has acknowledged the need for a reevaluation of the case. However, winning an appeal does not always lead to immediate release. There may be additional legal processes or conditions attached.

New trial

Winning an appeal may not result in a complete exoneration. Instead, the higher court may order a new trial. The legal proceedings will start over, allowing individuals another opportunity to present their case. The new trial may involve different evidence, witnesses or legal arguments.

Impact on record

When individuals win appeals that clear them of the original charges, their convictions may still appear on their criminal record. These individuals need to take additional steps to address this issue, such as seeking an expungement or other legal remedies to ensure a fair and just representation of their current legal status.

The process of winning an appeal can be emotionally taxing and the individual may need support to navigate the aftermath.